Criminal Defense, DUI, Medical Malpractice & Injuries

Seriously injured in an accident or by medical malpractice?

 Charged with a serious crime such as DUI, a state felony or a federal offense?

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“Cross-examination  is  the  greatest  

legal engine ever developed engine 

ever invented for the discovery of      

truth.  You can do anything with a 

bayonet except  sit on it.  A  lawyer  can 

do anything  with  cross-examination,

if  he  is skillful enough not to impale

his own cause upon it."  

-    Dean John Henry Wigmore.      


Whether it’s your driver’s license, your liberty, or your family’s financial security after an injury which is at risk, you need an advocate who will fight for your cause and who has the weapons to win the battle.

Not all Spartanburg criminal defense lawyers are death penalty certified former prosecutors...

Not all Spartanburg federal criminal defense lawyers are lawyers who have argued before the US Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals...

Not all Spartanburg DUI attorneys have factory training in the same breath test device used everywhere in South Carolina and who have completed the same Field Sobriety Training course taken by police officers...

Not all Spartanburg medical malpractice lawyers have studied at the Trial Lawyer’s College at Gerry Spence’s Wyoming ranch...

Not all Spartanburg injury lawyers are lawyers with over twenty-five years experience in trials by jury...

Andrew J. Johnston is all that.

If you need a criminal defense lawyer for a misdemeanor or DUI in Magistrate or Municipal court, or for a serious felony in General Sessions or Federal court, or if you need a medical malpractice, accident or injury attorney,

Andrew J. Johnston is all that.



Before becoming President and saving the Union, Abraham Lincoln was a trial lawyer. In his early career, he handled both civil and criminal cases.

In the 1840's, Lincoln represented a Revolutionary War widow who had been bilked out of most of her pension. The widow had retained a claim agent to help her collect the $500 pension. The agent then kept half of the pension for himself, claiming it was part of the contract. 

Here are Lincoln's notes for final argument for the widow in the case: 

“No contract. Not professional services. Unreasonable charge. Money retained by defendant – not given by plaintiff. Revolutionary War. Describe Valley Forge privation. Ice. Soldiers’ bleeding feet. Plaintiff’s husband. Soldier leaving home for army. SKIN DEFENDANT. Close.”



("SKINNING" of the other side always sought here but not guaranteed.) 

Located conveniently behind the courthouse in Spartanburg, SC

Johnston Law Firm, LLC provides criminal and DUI defense in Spartanburg, Gaffney, Blacksburg, Union, Boiling Springs, Landrum, Jonesville, Greer, Pacolet, Duncan, Lyman, Wellford, Chesnee, Landrum and other locations throughout Spartanburg, Union & Cherokee Counties. Johnston Law Firm, LLC accepts Medical Malpractice, auto, motorcycle and truck accident cases everywhere in the state of South Carolina. 


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