A Tribute to Gerry Spence

"Is there anyone I wouldn't take as a client?

 …Well, I'd never represent a banker."   

                  - Gerry Spence, Esq.



"Gerry Spence was born and educated in the small towns of Wyoming where he has practiced law for nearly fifty years. He has spent his lifetime representing the poor, the injured, the forgotten and damned against what he calls  ‘the new slave master,’ mammoth corporation and mammoth government. He has tried and won many nationally known cases, including the Karen Silkwood case, the defense of Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge, the defense of Imelda Marcos, the case against Penthouse Magazine for Miss Wyoming and other important criminal and civil trials. He has never lost a criminal case. He has not lost a civil case since 1969. He has won more multi-million dollar verdicts without an intervening loss than any lawyer in America.”   

                   -  The Jailhouse Lawyer’s Tribute to Gerry Spence.

   Mock trial: United States v. Oswald.

    In 1986, Gerry Spence defended Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, against well-known prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi in a 21-hour televised unscripted mock trial sponsored by London Weekend Television in the United Kingdom. The mock trial involved an actual U.S. judge, a jury of U.S. citizens, the introduction of hundreds of evidence exhibits, and many actual witnesses to events surrounding and including the assassination. The jury returned a guilty verdict. 

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